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Banking Instruments.

We offer a diverse range of instruments that can be tailored to your investment and / or project funding needs. Whether you’re looking for a balance sheet enhancement, need an instrument that will ensure your ability to pay for goods, or have investment needs, the right instrument is available and will be tailored to your needs. Instruments are from Tier 1 institutions, such as HSBC, Barclays, DB Singapore and more. ​

  • Slightly Seasoned SBLC’s

  • BG’s

  • Slightly Seasoned MTN’s

  • Seasoned - Trading MTN’s


Monetization services available for currently owned or to be owed SBLC / BG / MTN’s.  

Structured Financing

Thank you for your interest in Apolox Trust and our structured financing programs.  Our mission is to provide you the best options for your financial needs and to structure your investments with us to provide the returns needed for your success.  

Cash Trade Programs Available 

Please enquire with one of our knowledgeable advisors

  • Cash Trade

  • SBLC / BG / MTN Monetization

  • Compound Trade

As an independent company we have the flexibility to give a more personalized approach to your banking needs.
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